Sharonda Kay

Student: Pre-K

"This School has truly given my pre-schooler a new attitude and helped me to correct a lot of typical child-life behaviors. She is learning far above her current level, and her cognitive ability is challenged consistently. Mrs. Rose and Ms. Rashana are truly gifted to love and empower kids! They build confidence at an early age.

Timothy & Ashiqua

Student: Jr. K

“Over the years, we have considered many pre-schools in the Memphis and surrounding areas, choosing to send our daughter to HLEA was the best decision we have made. The knowledge and other skills our daughter has learned is simply amazing! We received a document from the school our daughter will attend noting things she should know in preparation for Kindergarten. Because of what she has learned at HLEA, she knew everything and more! Mrs. Rose and her staff are not only great teachers, but they have a genuine love for the children that is evident in every conversation and even in their countenance. As we consider the future for our young children, HLEA is our only option.”


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